I offer supervision specifically for colleagues working in health, social and pedagogical fields. In those areas, you may often work with vulnerable, demanding or difficult people. Your whole self is challenged. Often yet more conflicts with colleagues, superiors, direct reports, clients or students can arise, and even private problems as well. 

If you are not careful with your own wellbeing, you can easily get overwhelmed and feel lacking in energy, which can lead to burnout. 

Supervision is useful for:

  • In parallel with difficult clients 
  • For therapeutic work in stressful situations
  • To prevent burnout 
  • Issues with boundaries 
  • For conflict and intervention training 
  • For emotional relief

What types of supervisions are there? 

  • Individual supervision – for all people who want to reflect on their own individual work situations. 
  • Team supervision – for teams who want to grapple with shared tasks, challenges and/or team development. 
  • Group supervision – for people who come from different institutions and often also from different fields of work, and want to discuss their problems together under the guidance of a supervisor. 
  • Case supervision – for representatives of various professions or members of a team to discuss the case of a specific patient. The objectives are to support the caregivers and improve the quality of care. 

Supervision is an essential factor of quality assurance and improvement of professional work.