Coaching for leadership teams, employers, the self-employed, teams, and for anyone who wants to take ownership of their own work and life. 

Individuals, teams and groups can:

  • Reflect on their own professional behaviour and actions 
  • Use and make most of their own capabilities and resources 
  • Resolve personal conflicts within a team or in a hierarchical structure 
  • Strengthen individual competencies and confidence 
  • Find a balance between professional and personal lives (“work-life balance”)
  • Develop new aims within and outside of work life
  • Improve work environment and collaboration in a team

In coaching I work with you as a coach, to reach your own outcomes and solutions in work and/or in your life plans, and I refrain from giving expert recommendations. I accompany you in your private and professional fields, and I work together with you on your aims and issues. I support your self-reflection and create space for the analysis of situations and problems.